Tom Brady downplays his in-game holiday greeting for Saints sideline


At one point late in Sunday night’s shutout loss to the Saints, Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady lumbered toward the opposing sideline after an interception, got in the face of a members of the Saints’ staff, and delivered a heartwarming holiday greeting.

“Go f–k yourself,” Brady yelled (if my lipreading skills are any good).

Brady was asked about the conversation during his post-game press conference.

“Nothing,” Brady told reporters. “Just football.”

The question posed to Brady mentioned that the interaction happened with defensive coordinator (and head coach for a night) Dennis Allen. Based on the video, it doesn’t look like Allen. According to the Saints, it was assistant head coach/defensive line coach Ryan Nielsen.

It’s unclear whether Brady was specifically upset with something that had happened or that was said, or whether Brady simply was venting during what became the third shutout of his career.

It’s also unclear why Brady wasn’t flagged for taunting. It was one of several incidents from the game that, based on the manner in which the taunting rule has been enforced, should have drawn a flag. Although the rule is bad, enforcing it inconsistently makes it even worse.

Brady also may be getting a bill from the Bucs for what he did to his Microsoft Surface, busting it up and throwing it away. Or maybe he’ll get a new endorsement deal with Apple.